With their symbolic charge, eggs immediately recall spring, Easter and the first spontaneous herb salads that for some time have also been sold at the market on farmers’ stalls.

Precious in the kitchen, egg is the ideal ingredient to be used as a base for sauces, for fresh pasta and desserts or as a single dish with the addition of salads and vegetables.

One of the most requested dishes at Cà Mentin is “L’uovo in raviolo”, a tribute to the great Nino Bergese, but also to the cuisine of our grandmothers. And if at Easter it is the egg that contains the surprise, in this dish it is the ravioli hiding the egg.
The yolk opens in fact in a filling of spinach and ricotta. Zero km eggs also for agnolotti del plin and vitello tonnato: two other Piedmontese classics that take texture and flavor from this precious ingredient.

It is not for nothing that chef Enzo Gola decided to renovate his grandfather Clemente’s house and make it his restaurant (Ca ‘Mentin in fact) also to have a vegetable garden and farm animals, so as to always have fresh eggs.